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Masao Doi (土井正男)
2017-05-07 11:11   审核人: 


Full Name:Masao Doi (土井正男,外专千人计划教授,博导)


Education Applied Physics, University of Tokyo, 1970

M.Sc. in Applied Physics, University of Tokyo, 1973

Doctor of Engineering, University of Tokyo 1976

Professional experience

1974/04-1978/09  Assistant Professor in Physics, Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.

1976/10-1978/09   Postdoctor at Imperial College and University of Cambridge, U.K.

1978/10-1989/07  Associate Professor in Physics, Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.

1982/05  The Awards of the Society of Polymer Science,Japan

1983/05  Young Awards of the Rheological Society of Japan

1984/05-1985/02   Visiting professor, University of Cambridge, U.K.

1989/08-1997/03  Professor in Applied Physics, Nagoya Univ.

1997/04-2004/03  Professor in Computational Science and Engineering, Nagoya Univ

1998/08-2002/03   Project Leader of the National Project

"Research and Development of Platform for Designing High Functional Materials"

2004/04-2012/03  Professor in Applied Physics, University of Tokyo

2012/04-2013/03  Fellow of Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute

2013/04-         Professor, Beihang University, Beijing, China

Academic society:

Physical society of Japan, Polymer society of Japan, Rheological society of Japan, Liquid crystal society of Japan

Institute of physics(IOP),American institute of physics(AIP)

Current Research:

(1) Physics of soft matters: polymers. gels, colloids, liquid crystals

  Flow in micro and nano region (adhesion,  nano rheology)
  Evaporation process of polymer solutions (flow, diffusion, gelation)
  Gel dyanmics (electro-stress-diffusion coupling in ionic gels, interface of  gels)

(2) Modeling and simulation of soft matters
  Multiscale modeling (A challenge in polymer physics)



1988/11  Japan IBM Awards of Science

1999/02  Honorary Doctor,Katholic University Leuven,Belgium

2001/03  Polymer Prize(Ford Prize) American Physical Soceity

2001/10  Bingham Medal, The Soceity of Rheology (USA)

2003/05  The Awards of the Rheological Society Japan

2005/01  Honorary Fellow, Institute of Physics (U.K.)

2010/05  Purple Ribbon Medal (Japan)

2012/05  SPSJ Award for Outstanding Achievement in Polymer Science and Technology

2014/05  Awards of Society of Rheology, Japan

2014/05   Humboldt Research Award

2015/09  Award for Authorship, Society of Liquid Crystals, Japan

2015/10  Fellow of The Society of Rheology

2016/01  Foreign member of National Academy of Engineering, USA









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